Feed Water

Grain Gates

Grain gates can be built into your stall front or grills. Available in any size or shape, these doors make feeding access quick and easy.

Feed Holes

Feed holes are a simple way to provide easy access for feeding. Feed holes can be any size or shape.

Feed Doors

Feed doors are latching doors that reach the full height of the top of your stall. These doors provide a large access point for feeding.

Integrated Watering Systems

Integrated watering systems allow your plumbing to run inside the stall structure, so you can access water inside every stall, without having to haul hoses.

Swivel Feeders

A swivel feeder can provide a seamless and ergonomic feeding option. Swivel feeders are integrated into the stall front for a clean and uniform aesthetic. By incorporating a feed bowl and a 180-degree swivel door, this option offers a comfortable height for you when you’re feeding and is ergonomically.