Aisle Entry Doors

Your aisle entry doors should make a statement. Lucas Equine barn end doors or aisleway doors have been known for decades as the most beautiful, durable, and well made doors. Your aisle entry doors are not only one of the most used parts of your horse barn, they are also one of the most visible. In fact, it's probably one of the first parts of your barn anyone sees or operates. Each Lucas Equine barn door is custom designed and custom built to fit the style and measurements you need. With Lucas Equine barn doors, you'll find seamless welds, easy to slide and open, beautiful framework, and deep, dimensional cross-bucks that are not common in other barn doors.

In Depth

Design Expertise

Our design experts can craft designs of custom arches, steel and wood construction, window panes, farm logos and more. Every single barn end door is built to order, so integration of custom elements is easy.

Heavy Gauge Structural Steel

Our all-steel components are built using heavy gauge materials for optimal strength and durability.

Easy-Glide Track Systems

Galvanized, overhead, self-cleaning, self-aligning roundrail track system with double-truck Delrin hangers for reliable and quiet operation over years of use.

Barn Door Hardware Options

Choose modern or old-world style hardware, with a wide variety available to compliment the style of your barn.

Helpful Videos

One reason Lucas Equine doors glide so well.

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