Sliding Door Track

Maintenance-Free Roundrail Track

  • A completely round track with no ledges keeps dirt, dust, and moisture from settling in the track system. Dirt, dust and moisture are prime suspects in tracks that stick.
  • End caps keep large debris and birds nest out of this track.
  • Tracks can be powder coated or galvanized.
  • Some customers choose to use a valance or trim board to make the track “invisible” for sliding doors.

Decorative Flat Track

  • Old-world styling and bold details for a unique aesthetic.
  • Durable design and easy-roll operation create a long-lasting track system.
  • Custom built for each individual door system to meet your exact specifications.


  • A Delrin wheel that glides easily and stands up to years of constant use
  • Fully concealed ball bearings for easy movement. Requires no greasing!
  • Easy height adjustments, to compensate for heaving ground or settling barns.
  • Spin those wheels! Effortlessly spinning wheels. Check them out in the video below

Mounting System

  • Bracket placement is the key to a long-lasting track system that won’t sag over time. For doors of 400 pounds and more, brackets should be placed every 12-inches on-center. For lighter doors, 24-inches on-center is acceptable.
  • The brackets, which mount the system to the wall, must be made of heavy gauge material. We recommend mounting the brackets all the way through the stall header for extra strength

Door Stops

Door stops keep sliding doors from running off the track. They also help keep your horses from kicking or pushing the door away from the frame. Door stops can be mounted to the floor or the wall.

Door Guides

Door guides can be made of Delrin® rollers, heavy duty plastic, or steel. They keep doors sliding in-line and also help keep your horses from kicking or pushing the door away from the frame. Available in floor-mounted or wall-mounted versions.

Helpful Videos

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