Exterior Stall Doors

Dutch doors are the most versatile option when it comes to exterior stall doors. Lucas Equine dutch doors are unique among all other dutch doors on the market today. They are robust doors featuring:

  • Durable, heavy duty steel frames
  • Fully welded crossbuck designs
  • Thick crossbucks, rising 1-inch off the face of the door
  • Seamless joints and corners
  • 1/4-inch tempered glass top, protected by a steel grill
  • Multiple latch options
  • Stainless steel continuous hinges to support this heavy duty door for years of operation

In Depth



Any exterior stall door provides a few key functions for a barn:

  • Provides direct exit from each stall, for safety in case of emergency and for easily moving horses outdoors.
  • Gives an opportunity for greater cross ventilation in each horse stall.
  • Allows for the creation of turnouts or runs connected to each stall.


Exterior stall doors typically consist of a sliding or hinged door located in the back of each stall. The door opens up to the outside of the barn. To be able to contain the horse while still having the door open, a stall screen is added to the inside of the door. The stall screen and exterior door operate independent of one another for maximum versatility.

What’s the difference?

An exterior stall door is a single unit that can either be placed in the open or closed position. A dutch door is a hinged door in which the top of the door can be opened or closed independently of the bottom of the door. Dutch doors have two hinges and two latches. Any type of exterior stall door or dutch door can be held in the open position by adding a door holdback on the exterior of the barn.

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