Stall Partitions

Lucas Equine designs and builds horse stall partitions in a variety of configurations. They are always built to your exact specifications and measurements. These stall partitions are designed to be both beautiful and functional. There are many design options available, and the design of your partitions should be based on three things:

  • The temperament of your horses;
  • The primary use of your stalls; and
  • The climate in your area.

Below, you can read about four common designs for stall partitions. Check out the helpful chart below to decide which style might be right for you and your horses.

Common Designs

Grill or Crosshatch Top / Solid Bottom

This style offers some cross ventilation through the grills, as well as the potential for socialization among stall neighbors.

Grill or Crosshatch Section with Privacy Panel / Solid Bottom

This style still offers some cross ventilation, but also allows great privacy for the horses, especially during dinnertime.

Solid Panel

Solid partitions can either be built into your barn structure by your builder, or they can be created by Lucas Equine using a component or full panel system. Solid panel partitions can be created from wood or masonry. They provide the ultimate in privacy.

Full Crosshatch or Grill / Crosshatch

A fully ventilated panel offers the ultimate in airflow and durability. These can either be made entirely of Lucas Equine super sturdy crosshatch mesh (5/16-inch solid steel rods, welded at every single joint), or with a grill on top and crosshatch mesh on the bottom.

Choose Your Stall Partition Style