Amberway Equine

Amberway Equine offers a variety of equestrian products for the private facility, large boarding facilities, and racing operations. At Lucas Equine, we’re proud to recommend the expertise, service, and superior barn products available from Amberway Equine.

Contact Amberway for consultation and top quality products, including:

  • StableComfort by Amberway;
  • Pavesafe Rubber Pavers;
  • Stall Grid;
  • HDPE Fencing;
  • EquiLumination Equine Lighting;
  • TravelRight and TravelLight Footing;
  • Cool Barns Fans;
  • and other quality equine products.

Contact Jason at Amberway Equine:

Address: 119 E Main St, Midway, KY 40347

Phone: (859) 629-1858

Contact Us: www.amberwayequine.com/contact/


Words from Amberway customers:

It is our pleasure to endorse Brian Lynch owner of Amberway Equine and share with you our first hand experience working with Brian to build our "dream" barn. We met Brain at a Horse Expo as we were beginning construction on our facility and trying to identify the products we would use from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. It was an overwhelming task, we were looking at flooring, stalls, lighting and deciding on how we would provide water and comfort for our horses. My husband, Darryl, a veterinarian had seen too many barns that he did not like for "safety" reasons and had some firm ideas on what he wanted or at least what he wanted to avoid.

We had been meeting vendors and visiting exhibits for over a year and had accumulated enough literature to fill a small library. As I mentioned, we met Brian and after relatively short conversation with Brian, we knew we hit a home run and Darryl revealed our barn plans, we were delighted to find one stop shopping. Brian always listened carefully to all our requirements and asked appropriate questions to assure he understood our needs and also made excellent recommendations for improvements. His products were all top quality and they arrived on time and in pristine condition. Brian always assured that all our needs were met and that you are totally satisfied. He was available 24/ 7 and also visited the project as needed. He has great interpersonal skills and has ironed out issues with our builder and our excavation crew (above and beyond the call of duty). We are thrilled with all our products and especially our Lucas Equine stalls. We looked at several manufacturers but we feel we made the best choice. I would have to say that seeing is believing. We would happily send pictures if they are helpful or feel free to contact me personally. I am happy to endorse Brian and all his products and thank him for his enthusiasm and expertise.

Sincerely, MaryAnne and Dr. Darryl Patrick


Sapphire loves her stall mattress. I have had great feedback from my staff regarding the ease in which they have found working with the product and the saving's in bedding. Bottom line is that it is a great product with benefits not only for the horses health but also providing a cost saving measure for your stable.

McLain Ward, Brewster, NY

What can I say about Brian Lynch and Amberway? Professional, courteous, and affordable are words that immediately come to mind. It was two years ago when I first met Brian at Equine Affair in Maryland. I now consider Brian a friend since he is so much more than just another vendor. Years after building my first stable, and realizing the many mistakes I made, I knew just what not to do when I started construction on my second stable. Over ten years ago I donated the use of my property to start a large animal rescue organization. Several years, and many donations later, the rescue organization was able to purchase property of its own. Having grown attached to some of the horses, I opted to keep them myself. Many of these horses have previously experienced severe abuse and neglect. Now it’s their time to experience the best. Seeing these physically and or mentally scarred horses resting on the stable comfort mattress systems, or walking pain free on the aisle pavers brings tears to my eyes. I must admit road with disastrous results. Not true with AmberWay! The help, support and customer service provided to me from Brian couldn't have been any better had he lived at the farm next to me. He is a true professional that is totally dedicated to his customers and he knows what customer service is all about. Being so busy most of the time I didn't always get as involved in the barn project as I should have. During the construction of my first stable not being involved cost me a small fortune in correcting the many mistakes made. Not this time; not only did Brian check in with me often, but he made sure to keep an open line of communication with my contractors. I am so impressed with Brian and his company that I have extended an open invitation to him to stay with me anytime he is vending anywhere near my upstate New York horse farm or my East Hampton residence. On request, I gladly give Brian permission to give my telephone numbers out to potential clients so I can give him a personal reference. In closing, I just want to say Brian.......Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Jill S.

Hidden Falls Ranch