Barn Door Hardware

Choosing the best hardware to match your custom barn door is easy with our material options at Lucas Equine Equipment.  We offer hand-forged hardware of various styles. Lucas Equine Equipment delivers top quality products for which we have become known and respected.


Lucas Equine Equipment barn doors have been known for decades as the most beautiful, durable and well-made doors.  Lucas also specializes in large barn doors, if that’s the size you need for your barn. Having the right barn door hardware is a must.  That’s why Lucas Equine Equipment offers the widest variety of hardware for every barn door and stall door we make.


Every single Lucas Equine barn door is built to order, to your exact specifications.  You’ll find Lucas Equine barn doors to be the most heavy-duty and highest quality barn doors available on the market today. Lucas Equine Equipment has maintained a reputation for designing and manufacturing the highest quality, custom made stall doors. We continue to succeed in this market because of our unique combination of service, experience, custom designs and exceptional quality. When choosing the hardware for your barn doors, you can mix and match the options you like best at Lucas Equine Equipment. Our barn door hardware, like our custom barn doors, is right for your barn.  Lucas Equine Equipment has a reputation for designing and manufacturing the ultimate in custom barn doors and our hardware amplifies the point. 


Lucas Equine Equipment can custom manufacture almost any size barn door that you need for your barn. In addition to functionality, the right barn doors will also look great and add to your barn’s visual appeal.  That’s why it is so important to have the right barn door hardware. If not sure where to start, contact Lucas Equine Equipment and put us to work for you.

Your horse barn doors are not only some of the most used parts of your barn, they are also the most visible.  In fact, they are the first parts of your barn that anyone sees or operates. Each Lucas Equine horse barn door is custom designed and custom built to fit the style and measurements you need.  With a combination of glass, wood, aluminum and steel to provide a secure yet light and airy environment, our barn doors are a popular choice and we have the barn door hardware to complement any door chosen. 

Choosing the best hardware to match your custom barn doors is easy with our many options at Lucas Equine Equipment.

For more than 38 years, Lucas Equine Equipment has been designing custom barn doors. We’ll provide you with products you will be proud of, not only when they are brand new, but also for years to come. In our almost 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility, Lucas Equine Equipment builds custom designs created by our customers and our in-house designers. Lucas Equine Equipment is committed to building products superior to anything else on the market today.  Our craftsmanship is of the highest quality. 


Lucas Equine Equipment barn door hardware comes in a variety of styles and designs for the following


       Custom sliding barn doors

       Dutch barn doors

       Custom interior barn doors

       Exterior sliding barn doors

       Horse stall doors


When it comes to the right barn door hardware, Lucas Equine is committed to providing products superior to anything else on the market today