Barn Windows

Barn windows from Lucas Equine Equipment can bring ventilation and natural light to your horse barn. Barn windows from Lucas Equine are made to order, so they can fit existing openings. Lucas pre-hung windows are typically designed with a stainless steel continuous hinge to give you years of support as you open and close these heavy duty windows. Additionally, Lucas Equine hinged windows are surrounded by a seamless steel frame and open a full 180-degrees to give your horses maximum room for air to flow through.

The benefits of exterior barn windows:Barn windows from Lucas Equine Equipment are custom made to order, so they can easily fit existing openings.  

  • They are typically less costly than adding exterior doors
  • They allow natural light to enter each stall
  • They can be made with or without glass, depending on climate
  • They can be created in any style to complement the style of your barn
  • They can allow ventilation into the stall area
  • They open 180-degrees, allowing maximum airflow


Adding custom barn windows is a great way to help ventilate your stable. With Lucas Equine Equipment, you can get incredible, custom, made to order windows.

If you are looking for barn windows that are made with the highest quality materials, Lucas Equine Equipment can create what you need. Lucas Equine would love to create custom fit, pre-hung barn windows for your barn.

While there are situations where new barn doors provide incredible benefits, barn windows can be a great economic option for providing ventilation and openings for your horse to peek outside. Just like all of our products, Lucas Equine Equipment will design your barn windows to fit your specific needs for your stable. With Lucas Equine you can get the perfect windows for your horses. With the highest quality materials, you are guaranteed to get incredibly sturdy windows that will last for decades. With durable, custom fit Lucas Equine barn windows, you can create better airflow and provide a great way for your horses to enjoy nice weather without having to add another exterior stall door.

If you are interested in Lucas Equine custom barn windows, then you should contact us today. Our team will introduce you to one of our designers that will assist you in creating the perfect design for your specific barn window needs.

For more than 38 years, Lucas Equine Equipment has been designing custom horse stall equipment, barn doors, barn windows and gates for premier horse farms across the globe. Many of our customers see their barn through the eye of their horses. Our goal at Lucas Equine Equipment is to ensure your horses stay safe while occupying their stall, leaving your visitors breath taken by the beauty and craftsmanship of your barn. Made by highly skilled craftsmen in our 70,000 square foot facility, our barn windows are unparalleled in quality.

At Lucas Equine Equipment, you can mix and match the options you like to create custom barn windows that are just right for your barn. Every single Lucas Equine barn window is built to order, to your exact specifications. You’ll find Lucas Equine barn windows to be the most heavy-duty and highest quality barn windows available anywhere.

For more than 38 years, Lucas Equine Equipment has been designing and building custom horse barn windows. Lucas Equine Equipment has the experience and expertise to bring everything to reality.