Custom Barn Windows

Custom barn windows from Lucas Equine Equipment bring in light during winter months and ventilation during summer days.  All of our Lucas Equine custom barn windows come pre-hung on a frame for easy mounting.

Lucas Equine Equipment is committed to building custom barn windows superior to anything else on the market today.

Lucas Equine custom barn windows add a distinctive and elegant look while adding the daylight on which your horses thrive.  Add optional grills, exterior glass or yokes so your horses can poke their heads out to chat without being able to truly bother their neighbor or chew on your barn’s exterior.  With optional exotic hardwood, they can be powder coated to match our Lucas Equine Dutch doors and stall fronts.


Barn windows from Lucas Equine are made to order, so they can fit existing openings.  Lucas pre-hung windows are typically designed with a stainless steel continuous hinge to give you years of support as you open and close these heavy duty windows.


Providing your horse with clean, fresh air is important, especially when they are stabled for long periods.  A custom Dutch barn window can give your horse the fresh air and comfort of the outside weather and allow them to socialize and be mentally stimulated.

The benefits of exterior barn windows:

       They are typically less costly than adding exterior doors

       They allow natural light to enter each stall

       They can be made with or without glass, depending on climate

       They can be created in any style to complement the style of your barn

       They can allow ventilation into the stall area

       They open 180-degrees, allowing maximum airflow


Lucas Equine Equipment manufactures a wide range of custom barn windows to suit all requirements.  These custom barn windows can be used for both internal and external applications. All of our custom barn windows are manufactured to a high quality resulting in a robust yet aesthetic design. If you are looking for custom barn windows that are made with the highest quality materials, Lucas Equine Equipment can create what you need. 


Lucas Equine would love to create custom fit, pre-hung barn windows for your barn.  Just like all of our products, Lucas Equine will design your custom barn windows to fit your specific needs for your barn.  With Lucas Equine you can get the perfect windows for your horses.  With the highest quality materials, you are guaranteed to get incredibly sturdy windows that will last for decades.  With durable, custom fit Lucas Equine barn windows, you can create better airflow and provide a great way for your horses to enjoy nice weather without having to add another exterior stall door.


Lucas Equine Equipment takes great pride in our craftsmanship:


       We take great pride in employing traditional values and skills.

       We understand the needs of horses and requirements of the owners.

       We offer quality work and advice.

       We are dedicated to high standards, excellent quality and first-class service.

       We are efficient and professional in everything we do.

       We manufacture environmentally friendly products.


For more than 38 years, Lucas Equine Equipment has been designing custom barn windows, barn doors, gates and horse stall equipment for premier horse farms across the globe.  Everything we manufacture is made by highly skilled craftsmen in our 70,000 square foot facility.


Lucas Equine Equipment has maintained a reputation for designing and manufacturing the highest quality custom horse components in the world.  For over 38 years, we have been succeeding in this market due to our unique combination of unparalleled service, experience and excellent quality.


When it comes to custom barn windows, Lucas Equine Equipment has the experience and expertise to bring everything to reality.