Farm Gates

Lucas Equine Equipment has been manufacturing and Lucas Equine Equipment can build any type of gate for your farm on time, within budget and built right the first time.installing a variety of farm gates for over 38 years.  Lucas Equine will match your new farm gates with your current fencing.  We can build any type of farm gate for your farm or ranch on time and within budget.  Your gate will be built right the first time and can last decades.


Lucas Equine Equipment offers a variety of farm gates for people throughout the United States.  Regardless of the farm gate that you need, we have you covered.  Lucas Equine Equipment builds farm gates from a variety of high quality materials.  We can design and build almost any type of farm gate.  We’ll recommend the best options for your personal style and needs. Our craftsmanship is of the highest quality and we take great pride in providing the best products to our clients.


Lucas Equine Equipment uses only the highest quality materials.  Lucas Equine Equipment firmly believes we build a superior product to anything else on the market today and we feel we stand apart from all our competition.  We’re sure to have the farm gate that’s just right for you.  With craftsmanship of the highest quality, we take great pride in providing our customers with products they will be proud of for years to come.  


Our extensive experience in building entrance gates ensures a quality product, well designed and built to last.  From basic styles to one-of-a-kind, our craftsmen will meet your requirements.  Farm gates can vary from simple to sophisticated, depending on your budget.


Whether you already have an exact gate design in mind or just have a general idea, our versatile design team at Lucas Equine Equipment will work with you to create a final result that exceeds your expectations. Function should always be a priority, whether you’re buying a farm gate strictly as a deterrent to monitor access to your property or for aesthetic reasons.  From basic styles to one-of-a-kind, our craftsmen will meet your requirements and respect your budget.


Lucas Equine Equipment also specializes in the design and creation of custom farm gates, which are the focal point of a farm entrance.  A well-built farm gate will keep animals in without the need for maintenance.  Single or double gates that swing or slide can be custom designed for any application.  


Lucas Equine Equipment has maintained a reputation for designing and manufacturing the highest quality, custom made farm gates.  We continue to succeed in this market because of our unique combination of service, experience, custom designs and exceptional quality. 


Lucas Equine is a fully equipped custom manufacturer of horse barn stalls, doors, gates and more.  In our almost 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility, Lucas Equine Equipment builds custom designs created by our customers and our in-house designers.


To maintain our high quality standards, Lucas Equine Equipment chooses only materials that will be both durable and attractive.  We also frequently use unique materials selected by our customers to coordinate with other elements.


When it comes to the best farm gates for your needs, nobody builds them better than Lucas Equine Equipment.