Brass accents and accessories can really add style to your barn. Add brass or white bronze ball finials, pyramid caps, flat caps, or painted finials to the posts in your stall fronts to create a high-end style. Accessories, such as tie rings, blanket bars, saddle racks, and name card holders can not only provide a beautiful look for your barn, but will also serve a functional purpose.

Here are a few things to remember when shopping for brass hardware and accessories for your barn.

1. Brass used in your barn will get much wear and tear. That's why choosing heavy duty brass items is so important. Make sure the brass accents you're selecting won't bend or break easily.

2. Even in the best barns, your hardware and accessories will be exposed to moisture and dirt. Look for brass items that are polished and/or lacquered to help keep them shiny and tarnish-resistant.

Below, you can read about some of our most popular barn accessories. All barn accessories from Lucas Equine are heavy duty in design, construction, and materials to help them stand up to the environment of your working horse barn.