Euro Horse Stalls in Barrington

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When designing her barn and horse stalls, Dr. Susan Golf of Barrington, Illinois, researched her options with more than just the heart of a devoted horse owner. She also applied her knowledge and experience as an equine vet to all her decisions.

But, Dr. Golf didn't stop there. She has a great sense of style (and so do her horses!) As she worked with her design expert at Lucas Equine and her builder, Dr. Golf kept an eye on style and elegance throughout the process. And, the result has been a barn with showstopping style and safe, comfortable horses.

Here is what Dr. Susan Golf says she loves most about her new barn and stalls:

1. Low-front euro-style stalls from Lucas Equine.
"It brings freedom and comfort to my horses in allowing them to feel as if they are out in the open. It also allows them to be social with the other horses in the barn." Dr. Golf notes that at times during the freezing Illinois winters when the horses don't go outside due to weather conditions, they don't feel so locked in with this design.

2. Stall mattresses in each stall.
"I am so glad I put the mattresses in each stall. They're a luxury for the horses. I feel it is easier on their joints and legs. As an equine vet, that makes a real difference to me. I can see the difference in the horses." Dr. Golf selected her stall mattresses from Amberway Equine.

Here are the specs on Dr. Golf's barn:
  • 8 Euro-style stall fronts from Lucas Equine
  • 4 Solid brass ball finials on each stall front, lacquered and polished
  • Decorative horizontal rails at the center and bottom of each stall front
  • Stainless steel hinges on each stall door for maintenance-free operation
  • Brass clips accessorizing each horizontal rail for added detail
  • Gorgeous hardwood filling the front of each stall
  • Steel stall partition panels for privacy between stalls, filled with matching hardwood
  • Stall mattresses from Amberway Equine
"My husband and I have noticed that the horses are very relaxed with these stalls. They don't feel confined."
-- Dr. Susan Golf

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