Florida Barn Projects + Hot Dip Galvanizing

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Clients all over the country request Lucas Equine for specific reasons. Many request our company because we uphold the highest standards in safety, customization, durability, and elegance. Sure, you can find a cheaper product and yes you can find many "stall kits" however, you will only find one company that can provide true customization and product design all in one package at a very reasonable price. You will find below a few of our very unique projects that our sales and design team have been working on since Christmas. It is our privilege and pleasure to share just a hand full of those with you below:
Vero Beach, FL
At first glance you will notice the beautiful yellow pine tongue and groove wood throughout the barn. You will also notice the beautiful thoroughbred horses in the stall ready to head to the track! This particular client was referred to our company by a friend because she requested a very durable and high quality product. Our design experts worked with her closely with many hours invested to create a custom solution that fits her needs. You may notice that in each stall front panel there is a massive hinged feed door in the bottom.
It is designed to allow the owner to feed while the stall is occupied by this hungry horse. Many of you know that this can be a challenge to keep their body out of the way. This solution solved the issue. It swings out in the aisle allowing the buckets to be filled with water and feed while keeping the horse from interfering. She said, "this design is perfect. Everyone of your customers should know about this design. The custom bucket holders stay in place while it is still very simple to remove and clean the buckets."
Palm Beach Garden, FL
This project was extremely custom from start to finish. This particular client requested a hot-dipped galvanized product. Many people across the country assume this finish is a cheaper option when in fact it is more expensive. This finish is considered an upgrade from a traditional powder coated finish because of the prep work that is involved as well as the process itself. The greatest benefit to this finish option is its maintenance free characteristics. This is a great option for those who have many stalls, vet clinics, and even the smaller barns that want to reduce their maintenance in the barn.

A few awesome upgrades this particular client wanted to include was our Gravity Latch, Water Integration, & Fold-Down Straight Yoke.

The water integration is a great option for those who want to control the water to each stall by simply activating a valve from the aisle-way.
You will notice how the buckets are hanging on the inside of the stall with a built-In water spout shooting water right into the bucket. With a little design and effort in the planning phase of any project it sure can make watering much easier.
Many farms that design a barn with masonry walls will request a kick wall to protect the animal if they were to kick. The solution is a range of panels and channels to simply slide your T&G wood into. This also gives a very uniform look all around the barn.
We are blessed with the opportunity to work with so many great people and we receive such great feedback via email or phone calls so, we want to capture that feedback online as well! We kindly ask that you take a few minutes to visit the link below and drop us a review. Please feel free to share your experience and photos for the benefit of future clients. This information is invaluable to the future of our company and we would love to keep the tradition of Lucas Equine Equipment alive for generations to come. Thank you for your support and if you ever need anything please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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