How Barn Doors are Like a Great Pair of Boots

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Your exterior barn end doors are important for a lot of reasons. Frequently, barn owners who opt for the lowest priced exterior barn end doors end up paying for it in the end anyway. In fact, I think that good exterior barn doors are about as important as a great pair of boots. It's true!

And, here are 3 reasons why:

1. They make a first impression.

In a recent study, researchers at the University of Kansas say that people can accurately judge 90 percent of a stranger's personality simply by looking at the person's shoes. Shoes are one of the first things you see...often before someone even opens their mouth to meet you.

In the same way, your barn end doors can impact how your barn design is perceived. It's one of the first ways to make an impression about the aesthetic, quality, and style of your barn.

Manufacturing details like a hefty frame and dimensional crossbucks (versus flat ones) will make a great visual statement.


2.They're always comfortable.

Ahhhhh. My favorite pair of boots fit my feet perfectly. It's always a nice feeling to slip them on.

The best pair of barn end doors will glide open easily time after time. There are several things that make top quality barn end doors slide so effortlessly. These things include the highest quality track, carriers, stops and guides.


3. A great pair lasts for years.

Ok, it's true: I've been wearing my favorite boots for a while. When you choose high quality leather, hand stitching craftsmanship, and a custom fit, boots like this hold up for a long time. That's why I'm picky about the boots I buy.

In somewhat the same way, your barn end doors are definitely an investment. When researching barn end doors, look for samples that have been opened and closed thousands of times and have been hanging for decades. End doors like these let you know you've found your perfect fit for your barn.


  •  Heft. Look for a beefy frame and grills to give a solid aesthetic.
  • Dimensional Crossbuck. Look closely at a manufacturer's photos. Is the crossbuck just a flat piece of metal that has been attached to the door, or is it a thick, dimensional crossbuck? The crossbucks you see from Lucas Equine rise 1" off the face of the door.
  • Accessories. Look for larger, high quality door pulls to match the quality of the door.
Want to see more barn end doors? Check out our Photo Gallery here.

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