Massie Creek Farm Barn Spotlight

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Lucas Equine was honored to be a part of Jean's barn project at Massie Creek Farm. We followed up with her a few weeks ago after the barn was completed and in full use. It was interesting to hear the advantages to the open layout in the aisle way and the benefits of using Lucas Equine windows.
From Jean:
"My barn is Square 52'x 52'. We have six stalls 12' x 12'. The barns construction is post and beam. Because I do not have an indoor riding arena, I wanted to have enough aisle space to walk a horse in the event of colic.
Our barn has turned into a family hangout spot. The barn sits on top of a hill so during the summer months we have a pretty constant breeze. We have a picnic table and grill to enjoy the view of the horses and our farm."

"I am a trail rider and have 3 different breeds of gaited horses. We are pleased with our Lucas Equine doors for the big entrances into the barn. The 4 x 4 windows on each of the horses stalls have just been fabulous. On days that the horses are inside the barn rather than in the pasture they really enjoy being able to look out their windows.

I don't regret for one moment the style of stall fronts that we chose. They are easy to open and the airflow is amazing. As you can tell from the photo, we chose to put wood and glass in the double dutch doors as well as the hayloft. Creating wonderful lighting as well as a great view."

Lucas Equine wants to congratulate Massie Creek Farm on designing a barn with such great integrity. We hope you enjoy your beautiful barn for years to come.

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