Secrets to a Wellington Barn

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Wow. That's the first word that comes to mind when you see the aisleway in this rich Wellington barn. But, what makes these stalls look so much warmer than the thousands of wood and steel stalls you've seen before?

Read below as stall designer, Nick Thornton, explains what design elements makes you LOVE these gorgeous stalls.

What makes this barn look so clean and rich?
Nick shares a few key details that give this barn such a clean look. They include:
  • Notice how the door is the "proudest" part of this stall.It really pops! It has thick framing that is smooth (no weld marks) and center wood rails that have clean steel framing. Talk about understated elegance!
  • By selecting Lucas Equine 45-degree crosshatch mesh (which creates a diamond pattern on the bottom part of the door), the stall door gives excellent ventilation for the bottom of the stall, coupled with a high-end look.
  • To keep from taking away from the important visual of the door and the gorgeous wood, the grills on both sides of the doors have understated steel framing. This clean look maintains the strength of the grills without adding too much visual heft.
  • Although you could debate for days on end about hinged doors vs. sliders, the hinged door chosen here allows the big, bold wood header to remain a prominent visual feature...with no sliding door track for distraction.
  • In addition, the hinged door maintains the flush, neat lines of this system. The continuous hinge that operates the door is stainless steel and runs the entire length of the door for a never-fail hinging option.
  • One subtle element that affects the look of this stall is the side walls of the stall front. By choosing a Lucas Equine-built side panel on either side of the stall door, as opposed to a built-in half-wall, those thick, beautiful wood posts remain a pronounced feature as you look down the aisleway. Built-in walls would have been as thick as the posts themselves.
  • The vaulted ceiling with hardwood gives a high-end look and keeps the stalls from feeling too heavy..
  • Happy horses. The yoke cut-outs in the doors and the windows give the horses a little freedom. And, yoke inserts keep these stalls flexible for various temperaments.
Florida Horse Stall


Here are the specs on this natural beauty:

  1. 15-stalls with Lucas Equine fronts.
  2. Heavy duty 45-degree crosshatch mesh bottoms and bar tops.
  3. Wood center rails and bottom rails with a clean look.
  4. Extra-thick door frame and mounting frame.
  5. Stainless steel continuous hinge for decades of use.
  6. Maintenance-free stainless steel spring bolt latch.
  7. Lucas Equine side panels with bar tops and wood bottoms.
  8. Built-in water access (notice the water handles on the left side of the stall.)
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