How Do I Care for My Powder Coated Stalls

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Powder coated paint will give you the smoothest,most uniform finish of all types of coatings available today. The Super Durable powder coat paint from Lucas Equine is a specially formulated type of polyester powder coat paint that is specifically designed for superior gloss, excellent color retention, and significant outdoor weathering capabilities.

Question: How long with powder coat paint last?

When properly cared for, most high quality powder coated finishes can last several years - usually three to seven years. The duration of the finish depends on three key elements:
  1. The quality of the paint and application process.  
  2. The environment where the product is used (ex. salty air may wear the finish at a quicker rate than in other regions.)  
  3. The upkeep and maintenance of the finish.

Question: How do I care and maintain my powder coated finish?

Answer: The environment inside any working horse barn is tough! You can keep the finish on your powder coated stalls looking beautiful in a couple easy steps:

  • Avoid scratches and scrapes with job-specific hardware. Are you or others inadvertently hanging items such as halters or feed bags on the painted equipment? Over time, the constant wearing can mar or scratch the finish. Instead, add job-specific hardware, such a bridle hooks and blanket bars to protect the finish.
Be vigilant about touch-ups. While Super Durable polyester powder coat paint is some of the longest lasting paint available for horse stalls, it is still -- indeed -- a paint. Even the most durable finishes are subject to horse cribbing and other scrapes. Contact your stall manufacturer for touch-up paint to fix these small scratches before they become bigger issues.

Question: What if I don't want to touch-up or do maintenance on the finish of my horse stalls?  

 Answer: Then, you may be interested in a hot-dip galvanized finish. It's the toughest of all horse stall finishes, and is practically maintenance-free. The modern, industrial feel of this type of finish can look great in a barn!

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