Wellington Beauty with Tons of Ventilation

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We all know that ventilation should be one of the top priorities in any barn. In this week's barn spotlight, I'm sharing photos of a Florida barn that focuses on ventilation with a sleek aesthetic. 
Here are the specs on this natural beauty:

1. 12-stalls with Lucas Equine fronts in the Kingston shape. 
2. Heavy duty crosshatch mesh bottoms and bar tops. 
3. Natural yellow pine lumber installed in a sleek design. 
4. Beefy 4" x 4" posts for a sturdy design and hefty look. 
5. Stainless steel adjustable hinges for decades of use. 
6. Maintenance-free stainless steel spring bolt latch. 
7. Partitions: wood panels for privacy and bars for ventilation.

What makes this barn look so sleek?

There are a few key details that give this barn such a sleek look. They include:
  • Notice how the arc of the door stays in line with the arc of the panels on either side of the door, creating a continuous visual swoop down the aisleway.
  • The clean look of the framing around the wood inserts gives a natural feel to the front of the stalls, and doesn't overpower the light-colored walls or wood tone.  
  • The vaulted ceiling with hardwood gives a high-end look, while the darker wood tone provides a visual contrast.   
  • Happy horses. These horses are relaxed and cool. 
 KingstonStallFront KingstonHorseStall
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