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Whether you are thinking about building a small barn or a large one, there are thousands of decisions to make along the way. When it comes to the actual components of your stalls, this is where you need to really focus on making decisions that are safe and comfortable for your horses. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty, though.

Our guest today is Nick Thornton from Lucas Equine Equipment, makers of fine stall components that are manufactured right here in the United States. Nick is going to help us understand what our choices are when choosing stall components so we end up with a barn that looks as good as it functions. Listen in!

When you have a small horse property, a job, kids, and relationships, it is critical that your day to day work flow of horse care is smooth and efficient. Not everyone can build the ideal barn in size, layout, or amenities. In that case, some creativity and a modest budget can make it all work nicely. Buck joins me today to talk about what’s happening at our place these days, how we are managing Siouxsie’s digestive issues, and the thought process behind adding a new shed to our property. Listen in!

This episode is brought to you by our friends at LUCAS EQUINE EQUIPMENT, makers of fine stall systems and accessories.

World Class Grooming Pro, Emma Ford, returns to Stall and Stable to chat with us about some interesting tips from her clinic in Rhode Island a few weeks ago.

We talk winter blanketing, turnout, horse care, and transporting Olympic horses by air and by truck. We also chat about what kinds of things the team at Phillip Dutton Eventing do in order to prepare their horses for a possible run for the gold in Tokyo this year. As always with Ms. Ford, it is a very interesting and fun conversation. Listen in! 

Photo: Brittany Adams

Show Notes:

Guest: Emma Ford / World Class Grooming & Dutton Eventing

Get the Book: World Class Grooming for Horses

Emma Recommends: Horseware Ireland Turnouts