Floor Mounted Shoe Stop with Removable Plate

Shoe Stop 2 Shoe Stop 3

Mfg. Lucas Equine Equipment

Part: 5900-047-B

Price: $29.00

This U-shaped channel door stop features an end plate that can be removed for easy door dismantling. Constructed from 3/16-inch solid steel and designed for a variety of door thicknesses. This shoe stop is finished with a black Super Durable powder coat. Additional sizes and colors are available.
  • U-shaped channel door stop
  • Features end plate for easy door dismantling
  • Constructed of 3/16-inch solid steel material
  • Guides available for door thicknesses of 1-inch, 1.5-inches, 2-inches and 2.5-inches
  • Black Super Durable powder coat finish; Additional colors available
  • Download the Installation Instructions