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Southern Pines NC Horse Barn Design

Lynn McGugan of Lynn McGugan, Southern Pines, NC Southern Pines, NC, is a woman who knows what ...

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Horse Stall Mounting Designs

When was the last time you thought about how your horse stalls were mounted to your barn structure?O...

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Euro Horse Stalls in Barrington

When designing her barn and horse stalls, Dr. Susan Golf of Barrington, Illinois, researched her opt...

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Entrance Gates

Lucas Equine Equipment farm entrance gates are crafted with the same attention to detail and style as our horse stalls and stable doors. When designing and selecting farm gates, remember that they often make a significant impression of your property. Some of the finest horse farms in the country trust Lucas Equine to design and build their entrance gates. We can also connect you with excellent providers of electric gate operators. You'll find Lucas Equine gates on such prestigious horse farms as Spendthrift Farm, Ashford Stud, Lane's End Farm, Shadwell Farm, Spycoast Farm, and Darley USA Farms.

In Depth

Designed with an Artist’s Eye
Our design experts can create intricate styles, replicate logos or incorporate just about any artistic element you can imagine.
Laser Cut Logos or Emblems
Our sophisticated equipment can cut or etch your logo, emblem or design into your entrance gate centerplates for an added personal touch.
Built with Easy Installation in Mind
Lucas Equine Equipment entrance gates can be designed to attach to your pre-existing posts or columns.