As we began researching stalls we were immediately drawn to the quality and design we saw in Lucas Equine. The manufacturing was second to none...
"Our Lucas stalls exemplify solid craftsmanship and this complements the quality of our modified timber style structure with tongue and groove finish on the high walls and aisle walls."
"Lucas Equine provided exactly what we wanted in stalls."
"For our Wellington barn we wanted a mixture of elegance, functionality and craftsmanship. In our extensive research only Lucas provided this mix."
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See two of the many ways Lucas Equine can design horse stall fronts to mount to your barn structure.
See inside a beautiful barn in Barrington, Illinois. The euro-style horse stalls from Lucas Equine have all the bling you could want, with brass ball finials, gorgeous hardwood, and low swooping stall fronts.
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This beautiful barn in Wellington, Florida has a clean, modern look, with TONS of ventilation. Check it out!