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Brian & Tammy Jansen

Barn Spotlight- Brian & Tammy JansenBrian and Tammy are from Southwest Washington and have been ...

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Massie Creek Farm Barn Spotlight

Lucas Equine was honored to be a part of Jean's barn project at Massie Creek Farm. We foll...

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Southern Pines NC Horse Barn Design

Lynn McGugan of Lynn McGugan, Southern Pines, NC Southern Pines, NC, is a woman who knows what ...

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Stall Doors & Grills

At Lucas Equine, you can mix and match the option you like to create a custom door that’s just right for your barn. We can design a hinged stall door or sliding stall door. You can add grills to mount to a contractor-built wall to create a built-in stall for your barn. Every single Lucas Equine stall door and each steel grill insert is built to order, to your exact specifications. You’ll find Lucas Equine stall doors to be the most heavy duty and highest quality stall doors available anywhere. If you're looking for full panel system stall fronts, check out our pages on European-style stall fronts or high front stall systems.

In Depth

Safer Grill Spacing
Three-quarter-inch to one-inch steel grills with a maximum of three-inch on-center spacing (that means 2 ¼-inch gap between bars for ¾-inch grills, and 2-inch gap between bars for 1-inch grills) provide excellent safety for your animals.
Ultra-Sturdy Crosshatch
We build the strongest mesh available for horses today. With solid cold-rolled steel rods welded at every connection point, you’ll get stall great ventilation and extra strength.
Highest Quality Raw Materials
We’re perfectionists, especially when it comes to the materials we use. We select only the highest quality steel and wood, and inspect them in detail before we even begin your project.
32 Years of Experience
We’ve been designing and building horse stalls for more than 30 years. We know horse stall design inside and out. In fact, you can still see beautiful decades-old Lucas Equine stalls and barn doors in use in some of the top barns around the world.

Helpful Videos

Lucas stall equipment in vet clinics

Lucas Equine crosshatch mesh vs. sledgehammer

See the Intregrated gravity latch in action